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Smart Qlient

Our Smart Qlient solutions help banks create a strategy with structure

Smart QlientTM Solutions

Mobile IQ

A customized, turnkey, and easy to use Mobile App CRM Solution designed for client and business relationship managers, and specific for the financial services industry. Our solution allows bankers to track, capture and analyze key client and competitor data never captured before. Ability to analyze and easily display your client’s current financial structure, banking structure, TM structure, and most immediate needs, with your bank as well as other banking relationships.

Mobile IQ offers insight in your clients, their structure, your client’s other banking relationships, and the bank’s direct competition. This is a Next-Generation relationship management, and sales management solution created, and designed for client facing relationship managers, treasury management officers, business development managers, portfolio managers, credit officers, branch managers, and bank leadership.

Their Mobile App solution can revolutionize the way we manage and service client relationships. We are now able to track, capture and analyze client and competitor data never captured before. This is truly an innovative cutting-edge solution for my bankers and leadership team to manage, and service our client relationships better and more efficiently, and also be able to have more intelligent conversations.

Anita A. - Commercial Banking Executive, Florida Community Bank

A customized Next Generation solution with advance analytics and dashboard reporting.
Compliments your existing CRM by giving you additional tools to capture even more valuable data
Provides valuable insight into your clients, their structure, their needs and your direct competition.

Dashboard Xpress

Gain access and insight into your clients and direct competition by Market, RM/TMO, TM opportunity, deal size, and by Request for Proposals (RFP). Manage your client portfolio more efficiently using different performance matrix.

This solution has given us access to all our client’s documents and information regardless of the location, segment and title of my bankers. Their dashboard reporting provides client portfolio analytics, and it helps us track live opportunities across the bank. Data collaboration is key for us.

Tim Calvo - Bank President, First Federal Bank

Customized Dashboard Reporting tool. Gain access to key client and competitor data never captured before.
Track and Analyze your live deals and RFPs using our Dashboard Reporting.
A complementary tool to your existing CRM, and to RMs and TMOs. Full analysis of your bankers' client portfolio.

Competitor TM Product Pricing Library
Coming Soon!

Formalize the collection and analysis of competitor bank statements. Gain access to competitor TM Product Pricing data, and TM Product offering to make more strategic relationship pricing decisions.

As a TM Product Manager, having immediate access to a library of competitor analysis statements, and TM Pricing by product name, bank and by industry helps me streamline my process. It has also allowed me to price my products and respond to RFP’s faster and more efficiently.

Brian Matijevic - TM Product Manager, First Citizens Bank of Florida

Increase client relationship profitability (RAROC), and TM revenue production measured by P×V.
Create your own competitor TM Product Pricing Library
Key insights into your competition's TM product pricing with real, actionable data.

Digital Financial Management Solutions (FMS)
Coming Soon!

A complementary solution for RMs, TMOs, and Portfolio Managers to run and perform critical financial analysis and calculations for their clients. Our solution helps bankers make faster credit, and relationship decisions, while making immediate TM product recommendations.

Utilizes your data already stored using Lanica Repository Solution for a seamless experience.
RMs, TMOs, and Portfolio Managers can run and perform critical financial analysis and calculations for their clients.
Increases digital transformation strategy by converting analysis results into ready to use Client Presentations slides.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Data Indexing
Coming Soon!

Our solution and strategy provides key data elements for your existing Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled Solution. Our strategy has already been successful with several financial institutions where we helped increase AI solution adoption/usage by 37%, and new TM revenue performance by 12% across the bank.

Provides new data elements and strategy to help increase AI Solution adoption.
Increases operational efficiencies and new product sales performance.
Greatly improve AI solution adoption and TM revenue performance in your organization.

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Our objective is to build a cross functional, fully integrated platform with built-in intelligence, advanced analytics and interactive digital banking solutions for the financial services industry.

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