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Next-Generation Banking Technology

We build Innovative, Intelligent and Analytical Digital Banking Solutions and Technology for Community Banks and Credit Unions.

We build customized, turn-key solutions for Community Banks and Bank Leadership.

Over 25 Years of Industry Experience

Our Innovative Solutions Will Give You a Competitive Advantage.

Designed by people who know the banking industry.


Comprehensive client intelligence never before captured.


Functional role optimization of Client Relationship Managers and TM Consultants across the bank.


We enable our clients to increase perfomance in several key functional areas.


Digital Innovation and Digital Transformation Strategy using Next Generation Digital Banking Solutions.


Immediate access to tools and solutions to automate and optimize financial management roles.


Competitive TM Product Pricing and analysis automation at the line item level.

Financial Tech, Streamlined.

Access to client and competitive data provides client relationship managers the ability to quickly assess and service their needs more effectively.

Lanica Solutions
Lanica Solutions

Know Your Clients.

Get access to client behaviors and financial patterns never captured before. We also provide immediate functional role optimization tools for all client relationship managers and bank sales officers across the bank.

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Our objective is to build a cross functional, fully integrated platform with built-in intelligence, advanced analytics and interactive digital banking solutions for the financial services industry.

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