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Lanica Solutions, Inc is a financial software technology company (Fintech), and our main objective is to build a new set of digital tools, and solutions specific to the financial services industry in the Cloud. Our goal is to help financial institutions, and bank leadership increase data analytics, data utilization, digital transformation, and operational efficiencies; by developing customized, cross-functional, turnkey solutions with built-in intelligence, advanced analytics, and interactive digital banking capabilities made for several key functional roles within the bank.

At Lanica Solutions, Inc we build customized, sophisticated and innovative digital solutions that were created, and designed by current and former commercial bankers, product managers, department heads, and bank executives in the Financial Services Industry. We also provide complementary digital tools, a Product Management Solution and a CRM made for Community Banks and Credit Unions. Our solutions also help eliminate the manual intensive process by Client Relationship Managers, Treasury Management Consultants, Product Managers, and Project Managers in their roles, and in turn help increase internal process efficiencies, automation, and operational performance. We accomplish this by automating, and optimizing several key functions, and roles, and we empower the bank’s relationship managers with the tools to provide faster, and more intelligent financial management, and new product/service recommendations to their clients - which is critical in their role.

"Our goal is to offer banks, their product management team, and client-facing relationship managers with a new set of solutions that provide immediate access to key client and competitor data, which was never captured before. In essence, we want to help increase data collection, data utilization, and collaboration across the bank ( "Ecosystem") so that leadership and bankers can make more strategic and intelligent relationship, and financial management decisions”.

Lanica Solutions’ main goal is to help banks bridge the gap in six (6) key areas:

  1. The bank’s inability to capture, and utilize valuable client, and competitor data
  2. Their lack of focus associated with process, systems, role, and infrastructure optimization
  3. Building more effective Digital Innovation, and Digital Transformation solutions
  4. Proving their employees with tools, and solutions specific to their roles
  5. Utilizing a Project Management Solution specific for banks
  6. Providing new data elements to increase AI enabled solution’s performance, accuracy, and output results

By definition, the bank’s main focus is always on their clients, managing and servicing client relationships, on product sales and on increasing the quality of the services and solutions they provide. But in the process, three key areas are lagging behind:

  1. Infrastructure Optimization
  2. Financial Digital Transformation
  3. CRM utilization

This is holding some financial institutions back to become more competitive, and to be able to meet the rigorous demands of their client relationship managers in the front-lines, and their business clients through their CFOs.

Lanica Solutions’ core strategy is to be able to provide banks with a new set of “complementary” tools, and financial digital solutions that offer equal benefit and impact to:

  1. All financial institutions, their relationship managers, and to key functional areas
  2. Their business clients (CFOs), while enhancing their overall experience and capabilities from the digital banking perspective.

This can be accomplished by introducing the concept of “Digital Innovation and Digital Transformation Strategy”, and by developing and offering new innovative banking solutions that meet the demands, and capabilities of up and coming “Millennials”, in today’s advanced digital environment.

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Our objective is to build a cross functional, fully integrated platform with built-in intelligence, advanced analytics and interactive digital banking solutions for the financial services industry.

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